Redwood High School New Multi Purpose & Classrooms

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(Photographs by Raidy Stronck) Redwood High School New Multipurpose & Classrooms, Redwood City The construction consists of building and constructing a new multi-purpose building which includes a culinary arts classroom, student union and warming kitchen. Construct a new two story classroom building to include administrative spaces. Also, site lighting, landscape, hardscape & restore parking lot […]

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Menlo Park Fire Station No.6 Rebuild

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Fire Station No.6 Rebuild, Menlo Park Construction of a 7,857 square-foot, two-story firehouse of red brick and tan stucco. A companion 1,003 square-foot, single-story structure will be built to display trucks from the 1930s and 1950s, along with a hose wagon from 1900. Lastly, a 342 square-foot carriage house, which has a gable roof and […]


Terra Nova High School Pool Replacement

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Terra Nova High School Pool Replacement, Pacifica Completed on 12/29/2017 Demolition of the existing outdoor pool and pool decks. Construction of a new outdoor pool with all new finishes and apparatuses, new mechanical equipment, tanks and etc. All underground utilities, pool lighting, exterior lighting and upgrades of related staff restroom and locker room restorations.